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Handmade Coir basket

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Coir Fibre & Iron material furnished with Natural Brown color.Size (L x W x H): 25 cm x 25 cm x 13 cm. Environmental-Friendly and Nontoxic.

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This Package Containts 2 Basket Liner, 2 Metal Hanger.Better water retention.Absolutely 100% Handcraft Storage Basket: We use 100% organic cotton rope to make it by hands, high quality, safe and healthy.

Environmental-Friendly and Nontoxic: Our rope cotton storage basket has passed the environmental-friendly test of FDA and heavy metal, no hazard contents for human body and organisms, without any chemicals.

  1. Jason Bradley

    Big product like its cost and good looking too. I got this basket to keep our puppy\’s toys in. I wanted something I didn\’t have to worry about if the puppy started chewing on the basket itself. Well, have no worries. The basket is one of the puppy\’s favorite toys. After she empties it out and plays with some of the toys, she comes back to the basket.Thank you!

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