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Coffee Maker

£100.00 £145.00

Prepare delectable cafe-styled coffee in the comfort of your home with the Cafe Zest Coffee Maker. Savor the pure taste of coffee without having to travel to a cafe and spend the extra buck.

Danh mục:

The need for a good coffee machine is something that you just cannot afford to overlook if you care for your employees’ needs. So, if you are a startup with a small budget, you can get this coffee maker from coffee and let your workers enjoy refreshing coffee breaks that help them work better.

The device comes with a unique, easy to clean removable drip tray for added convenience. It has a Steam Control Knob which gives you control over how much froth you want in your coffee. The glass carafe and lid are heat resistant and can be safely handled even during the brewing cycle.


Black, Gray, White

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